Hail An Air Taxi Today

        Air Travel Just Got Easier

        Linear Air Taxi can fly you directly to and from regional airports across the country. Avoid the extravagance of private jet charters, and experience the same benefits: your own plane, no crowds, no security lines — quite simply, no hassles. Just an easy, pleasant experience.

        1. Convenient Pick your closest airport and ideal departure time, and we'll make it happen.
        2. Cost effective A fraction of the cost of traditional private charters. Can be as low as $400 per passenger.
        3. Safe All Linear Air Taxis operate with FAA approved commercial aircraft and pilots.

        How Air Taxi Travel Works

        Linear Air Taxi offers personal flights, on demand. Smart travelers use our air taxi service to cost-effectively reduce travel time and eliminate the hassles of personal and business travel. Common questions:

        What is the Linear Air Taxi travel experience like?

        Our customers love us. Overall, you will find that Linear Air Taxi provides the most flexible, convenient, hassle-free, and efficient (and we have to add – exciting and fun!) form of travel available on a reasonable budget.

        How does Linear Air Taxi reduce travel times?

        We fly to and from the over 5,000 regional airports in North America, which are crowd-free and conveniently located close to your home, office, and your destination of choice. With easy parking and pilot escort for security, check-in, and boarding, you can arrive at the airport just minutes before your flight. Since we focus exclusively on your schedule and desired route, you fly straight to your destination. And with our 99%+ on-time departure rate, add it all up and you will save hours vs. a typical commercial airline trip (or long drive for that matter!).

        What does air taxi travel cost?

        We don't charge the extravagant rates typically associated with chartering a private jet. Linear Air Taxi trip prices start at levels comparable to business-class airline fares - and even less than coach on some routes.

        Pricing varies by type of plane and the specifics of your trip. Keep your costs low by choosing a propeller aircraft over a jet, by scheduling same-day round-trip travel, and by bringing travel companions. (Since it's your own plane, your average cost per passenger is lowest when you bring a friend or colleague!)

        Is air taxi travel safe?

        All air taxi flights with Linear Air are planned with safety as the number one priority, with experienced pilots rigorously trained to the FAA's stringent requirements for commercial air transportation.

        In contrast to the average airline plane that may be decades old, Linear Air offers the most modern, technologically-advanced short-haul aircraft in the air today. With computerized systems and multiple backups, air taxi travel provides the utmost in sophistication and safety. See some of our planes

        Does Linear Air have a frequent traveler program?

        Yes! Our Travel Rewards program enables frequent travelers to earn 5% flight discounts and other benefits. Learn more

        Additional questions? Learn more here

        "In addition to the time-savings and the convenience, the actual Air Taxi flight experience is wonderful. It's calm, personal, and enjoyable to fly with Linear Air."

        Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School Professor, Disruptive Innovation Expert, Linear Air customer

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